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Teleconnections - Mid- and High-Latitude
NAO Index (CPC)
PNA Index (CPC)
AO index (CPC)
ESRL Map Room

Teleconnections - MJO index and information
MJO Index (Climate Prediction Center)
MJO Page (Climate Prediction Center)
Australian MJO Phase Monitoring
Mike Ventrice's web page (MJO)

Teleconnections - El Nino (ENSO) and PDO
SOI values (Australia)
El Nino Indices Nino 1+2 Nino 3.4 SOI (CPC)
Weekly Nino 1+2 Nino 3 Nino 3.4 Nino 4 Archive(CPC)
PDO Index Archive (NCDC)
MEI timeseries from 1950-present
CPC ENSO Oceanic Nino Index
Monthly SOI graph (Austrailian Bureau of Meteorology)
SOI archives (CPC) 1948-present
El Nino indices Nino 1+2 Nino 3 Nino 3.4 Nino 4 (NCDC)

Global Temperature Anomalies
Karsten Haustein's Global Temperature Anomalies page
The Climate Reanalyzer

SST Analysis
SST anomalies - ESRL
SST Images - Remote Sensing Systems
SST Anomalies - Navy / OTIS / NCODA
SST Anomalies - NOAA
Satellite Products - Oceans (NOAA)
Australian SST anomaly page
NHC SST Anomalies
NOAA Optimum Interpolation SST Anomalies

Snow Analysis
National Snow Analysis - NOHRSC
Northern Hemisphere Snow Depth - Air force
Northern Hemisphere snow cover - NESDIS
National Ice Center
Current Snow Cover/depth - Environment Canada
Rutgers page on snow cover
The Cryosphere Today - University of Illinois

The Stratosphere
Arctic/Northern Hemisphere Stratosphere Research/Analysis/Forecasts (Andreas Dornbach)
Stratosphere Analysis/Forecasts (CPC)
Stratospheric Research Group Analysis/Forecasts (Berlin)

Teleconnections- Background Information
CPC page on all the Northern Hemisphere Teleconnections
CPC Monitoring and Data Index
Climate Prediction Center - Expert Assessments: Climate Diagnostics Bulletin
CPC - Monitoring Weather and Climate-Teleconnections
The Quasi-Biennial zonal wind Oscillation (QBO)
The North Atlantic Oscillation
The AO and NAO
El Nino Theme Page (NOAA)
El Nino and La Nina climate anomalies animations (FSU)
MJO web page (U of Wyoming)

Teleconnection Index Archives
Climate Prediction Center - Archive of Daily Teleconnection Indices
EPO Index 1948-present (Al Marinaro/WxMidwest)
EPO Daily index 1948-present (NOAA)

ESRL Web Pages with Teleconnection Information
Linear Correlations/NCEP Reanalysis
Linear Correlations/US Climate Divisions
Plot monthly time series of atmospheric/ocean indices

Purpose of this web site

The purpose is to provide high quality information on historical storms and provide links to weather information.